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Give your audience a personalized experience at any time and get closer than ever before. 

Mobile has been an emerging technology to connect you with the people. You can say it is an honor to the society which made communication much easier than in the ancient era. Hence, Mobile Marketing plays a vital role in marketing in this modernized era in terms of establishing a connection with people. It has been proved from a survey that more than 50% of people worldwide are using mobile internet as of 2019 and it will increase more in upcoming years. So mobile is a suitable source to attract more traffic towards your business or brand. It is a way to get as close as possible to your customers. You can reach and target more people according to their interests, gender, and geography. Moreover, you can personalize your target audience to showcase your product as per their convince. Hence, in this modern marketing age, you just cannot ignore mobile marketing. 

Here at TechVint, we provide personalized mobile marketing services that will help your brand to reach out to a more relevant audience. We have a dedicated mobile marketing team that focuses exclusively on delivering a superior user experience for all the audiences who connect to the brand. People are surfing the mobile for almost a quarter of the whole day, so you need to give a pleasant and flawless user experience to your audience. As a result, they will feel more connected and happy while browsing your services. Our experts thoroughly analyze the clients' business to provide a customized service for their customers. We audit the customers buying patterns, their browsing history, their geographic locations, and many other parameters to provide a high-quality experience to the potential customer. Our mobile marketing services not only help you to boost your sales but also helps to spread brand awareness.

 Why should you opt for Mobile Marketing?


If you consider reaching for your brand, then mobile marketing will be on top of that. It is proven that 80% of people use their mobile phones as soon as they get up from the bed. There are many ways in mobile marketing (voice search, location-based, augmented experiences, etc.) to reach out to the more potential customer. So it's easy to connect with customers at any time and any place by personalizing their behavior.

Prompt Response

Generally mobile is used for instant response. It is found that mobile text SMS open rates are higher than any other medium. It has been found that people read text SMS within 3 minutes. So there are no other better options than mobile to catch the audience's attention in such a short time span. Be informative with your customers and boost results. Create a buzz toward your brand.

Customer Engagement

When it comes to customer engagement mobile plays a crucial rule as most people engage with their mobile as compared to any other devices. So it's important to provide the best user experience to your audience in mobile devices. More than 50 percent of people propose a nice opinion about your brand if they don't face any difficulties while visiting your website.

Still in confusion to opt for mobile marketing?

Let us focus on "How we develop a mobile marketing strategy to drive maximum sales. "

  • Define objective (Create goal)
  • Analyzing audience
  • Establish KPIs
  • Monitor metrics

Our leading mobile marketing services

We believe in developing a customized and personalized mobile marketing that meets the strategic goals of every business.

In-app Marketing

In-app marketing boosts user engagement to your application when the user visits your application or actively use your application. It helps businesses to use real-time data to deliver a personalized result for the customer to engage and retain the customer.

Mobile Ads

Mobile Ads are generally created with various search engines like Google and Bing to boost sales, website visits, store visits, app install, and much more. You can personalize the ads for the audience which can give you a genuine result for the business.

SMS Campaign

SMS campaign is really good to target bulk audiences by sending them some informative and personalize text messages. It helps your brand to get engaged with the customers. Text SMS has a high open-rate that can deliver you a good result.

Mobile-friendly Website

Nowadays mobile-friendliness is no more an option for any website rather than its mandatory for any brand. This simply signifies the optimization of content, images, speed, and user experience for mobile devices to give pleasant navigation to users.

Mobile Ads for Emails

The result shows that approximately 57% of the emails are opened in a mobile device than any other platform. People respond more to a highly optimized mobile email campaign which ultimately helps you create a buzz towards your brand.

Advanced Mobile Targeting

Advanced mobile targeting helps in the detailed targeting of the audience along with their gender, interest, and geographic location. This technique enables accurate targeting based on the business goal that will drive huge traffic to the website.

Push Notification

Push notification is a scheduled pop-up notification feature for those users who have installed the application in mobile devices. Push Notification improves consumer interest in the app and connects the consumer to the brand.

Why TechVint?

Experienced Professional

We have highly experienced professionals who understand and analyze the current market strategy. As a result, they implement the best mobile marketing strategy which can meet the objective of our client's business.

Quality traffic and visibility

Our accurate targeting method drives the quality traffic towards the website which helps in improving the brand visibility across all the digital channels.

Customized campaign

We analyze the clients' business thoroughly before designing ads for the business. It helps us to create a customized campaign that can convert prospects into the lead.

Performance tracking

We always keep track of the performance metric that ultimately helps us to improve and deliver a good result in a future campaign.

Improved ROI

We have a track record of delivering a high ROI. We always ensure our client gets the best in return than they invest. Improve your ROI with us.


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