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You can not always judge a website based on its appearance. Sometimes we need to concentrate on technology and website back-end coding whether the code is business-friendly or not. Any website's back-end design matters the most as it can impact search engines, rankings, loading, and security directly. As a result, you have to pay extra attention to increase website performance. So you should update the outdated web technology and give your audience a better user experience while visiting your website. Transform your business with the new web development technology and increase the chance of getting more business.

At Techvint, we have a dedicated team of a web developer who puts their 100% effort to develop a highly reliable website which will add value to the business. Our primary focus is to create a website that is stuffed with an easily understandable and high-quality source code. As a result, the site will never face any issues while the user navigates through the web pages. We always experiment with new trend technologies such as Angular JS, Node JS, ASP.NET, PHP, etc. that automatically adds value to develop our next project. Also, we ensure the security of the website, which is crucial. Furthermore, designing an elegant website, our team also emphasizes the excellent set of web elements that can make loading a website faster and allow audiences a superb user experience.

Why do you need accurate Web Development?

Improved Performance

The functionality of your website entirely depends on the code that has been written by the developers. The whole purpose of a site is to convince the audience to take any action on your website. Proper coding instruction enhances the website performance while a bad or average coding decreases the website performance.

Less Maintenance

If a site has adequate coding on the back end, it will be easy for the developer to perform an update at any time. There will be less maintenance as the person with only little programming skills can modify the source code in case of any emergency. It only happens when a well-coded website is developed.

No Long Term Cost

A well-developed website hardly costs you much. However, an average website always seeks attention means you need to kill you time to fix website-related issues to fulfill the business requirement. Hence, there is no long term cost in a wisely coded website.

Web Security

Everyone wants a high-security website to protect their information. We need to follow a good coding strategy from the back end to protect the site from cyber attacks. Thus, it is essential to ensure your web security with excellent server-side coding.

Are you yet confused about our Web Development Services?

Let us dive into our secrets of web development !!

  • Information gathering (Collect niche related information)
  • Feature analysis (Define the website structure and functionalities)
  • Strategy development (Planning to deliver an optimal solution)
  • Design and coding (initiate website development)
  • Testing and Debugging (Troubleshooting to maintain the quality)
  • Project delivery (Project delivery and deployment)

Our Web Development Services

Get a custom content-manageable website that suits your requirements and needs.

Effective Web Development Solutions


WordPress is a content management system that helps to develop a dynamic and fully functional website as per the business requirement. Wordpress is based entirely on plugins and templates, which makes a website engaging and attractive.


PHP is a scripting language generally used for server-side scripting. It is also used for general-purpose web application development. Its a reliable and fast loading scripting language.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions


Magento is an open-source content management system which is widely used by various e-commerce retail platform to run their business successfully. It is SEO friendly and has a flexible shopping cart feature.


A CMS is a content management system where one can manage the content of a website without having much technical knowledge. This "CMS" development is user-friendly & easy to maintain. It improves customer service as well as maintain security.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions


Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin that is used to develop any shopping cart e-commerce website. This plugin consists of lots of extensions, which can make your online store more functional and attractive.

E-Commerce development

These days e-commerce is being the fastest growing industry. All traditional local business stores are transforming into an e-commerce store. If you have a business, then e-commerce stores will give you a better opportunity to flaunt your products.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

Angular JS

This scripting language can make your website more attractive by creating a website more functional and dynamic. Generally, Angular JS is used to develop the one-page web application.

Why TechVint?

Detailed analysis

Before initiating a project, our team gathers all the required information according to the business objective. Later it will help us to deliver the best result to our clients.

Well developed web application

Our experts ensure to build an eye-catching web application based on current trends and technologies. We promise our customer to provide a function-rich responsive web application which will satisfy their business needs.

High performance and speed

The performance of a website matters a lot when you are dealing with an online platform. It is not at all easy to browse with a poor site. To overcome this problem, we always focus on the performance and speed of the site so that it will not affect our client's business.

Highly secured

Security comes first while you are browsing through an online platform. We always maintain a different level of protection to protect our client's data.

Search engine friendly

We care about your online presence. We develop the website with proper search engine friendly code so that search engines can easily crawl your site.

End to end web development

We provide a complete web solution starting from analysis to the deployment of a project to deliver a hassle-free service to our clients.

24 * 7 post support assistance

Our duty not only stops right after delivering the project; instead, we provide post-support aid to all our clients in case of any problem. That makes us different from others.

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