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If you want to grow your business locally to outreach the customers in a more convenient way, then we are here to help you achieve that with our Local SEO services.

Local SEO is a part of SEO that helps the business to get more prospective customers who are interested in your product or services. To achieve visibility in SERPs locally businesses prefer Local SEO services. With the proper Local SEO strategy, one can thrive in the local search result and it demands a lot of things like optimized content for the targeted local area, citations, reviews, social pages, etc. to deliver the best result to the local users. The majority of people are likely more than 70% search on various search engines before visiting any local places for their needs. Usually, people use mobile or tablets to perform a search on search engines. So a good local SEO strategy must have a mobile-optimized website to give a better search result to the users. Local SEO also plays a major role in search rankings.

If you are running a business (small, medium or large) online, you must have a good local presence for your online business. TechVint provides excellent local SEO services that can improve website visibility in local search results. Our local SEO strategy is exclusively designed to make your website visible in local searches to draw the attention of the customer. As a result, you may win numerous online as well as offline conversions. Our experts designed a strategy according to the business objective. It varies from business to business. We do a proper business analysis before performing any local SEO campaign. Our primary focus is to make your website visible to the target audience who are searching for the relevant business. Our local SEO services not only improves the visibility in SERPs but also helps in improving the search rankings, website reputations.

Why should you opt a Local SEO Services?

Improved Citation

Citation is crucial for any business to improve the ranking in SERP as well as local search. It simply consists of an alphanumeric character that is mostly a business name, address, phone number. The more your citation will be found over the internet in various platforms, you may win the trust of your customer. Local SEO can help you improve business citations.

More Relevant Searches

If a website is well-optimized for the local search, then you will get numerous relevant search results relevant to your services. In recent years people always make a search through their mobile or tablet before buying anything needful. Drive more potential customers with well optimized website. 

Build Trust and Reputation

Trust and credibility is the most important aspect of any business. Local SEO enables you to build your company's credibility with lots of genuine reviews that can encourage customers to purchase a product or service in the future. Genuine feedback gains customer interest 3 times faster than a regular business.

Convert Search into Purchase

Local SEO has been a strong pillar for any business that deals the most with the local customer. The local customer always browses for the services through online before visiting any local shop. They usually check the review or feedback of the product. So if your website is well optimized for the local search, it can convert most of your search to purchase.

Build Links from Local Business

Building links from a variety of local businesses, communities, and newspapers allows businesses to become authoritative on SERP. Featuring your business on other niche websites can allow you to boost brand recognition and traffic to your website as well. Listing the business in various local listings and directories will help you get the quality backlinks that are important for the business.

Are you expecting a strong local presence for your business?

Let's delve into "How we do Local SEO to build up a website?"

  • Selection of relevant keywords (Make a list of niche keywords)
  • Optimize for the keywords (Optimize the website and Google My Business with target keywords)
  • Develop links and website citation
  • Appeal for reviews
  • Keep track of results & improvements

Our finest Local SEO services

Local SEO gets the best out of your online marketing budget and make you stay ahead of your competitors.

Website Optimisation for Local Search

To a good local SEO result website optimization is a must. We have a team of professionals who do complete research on the local search (analyze the behavior of the local audience) and optimize the website by incorporating the target keywords. It includes a Heading tag, Meta tag, Home page, Services page optimization, etc.

Content Optimisation for Local Search

Content optimization with the most locally searched keywords is crucial to achieving a great ranking in local search. Our expert content witters do a thorough content analysis with target keywords to ensure to reach out to the maximum audience when they search for their desire service.

Google My Business Optimisation

Google My Business is a tiny website of your business that is listed on Google. It gives a small brief of your business and its services. Google My Business optimization helps you get listed on local search and google maps. Our professionals optimize the My business page that can boost the traffic.

Local Competitor Analysis

Competitors analysis is a part of Local SEO that helps you to know more about your competitors in the market. It also helps to develop a great SEO strategy to become prominent in the industry. Through competitor analysis, you can spy on your competitors' keywords, backlinks and many more to outrank them easily.

Google Map Listing

Goole map listing is compulsory for those who target the local audience for their business. Map optimization can give you high quality and relevant traffic to your website. We ensure that business should come top of the Google maps to enhance your brand value.

Local Link Building

Local links building is a powerful part of Local SEO. Getting the links from the local reliable source improves the brand authenticity that makes your brand a trusted and reliable one. We closely work on local link building from the local directories, communities, and relevant business.

Improve Citation

Citation is important for any business that runs online. You can say its a pillar of online business as it helps a lot in ranking the website locally as well as globally. Citation (Business name, phone number, address, hours of operation) ensures huge local business discovery online at the same time it builds the trust and credibility of a business.

Integration of Schema Markup

Shema Markup tells the search engine about your business. It's a set of code that has to Incorporate in your website. We do it a step by step process so that the website can return a more quality result to the audience. It also helps the search engine to understand your content easily.

Performance Tracking

We regularly track the Local SEO performance to check which strategy is working or which is not. It helps us to improve our strategy and plan prospects for better results.

Review and Reputation Management

Online review is the most important factor of any business that puts an impact on a customer's mind. Before buying any product people so search for it online. Our team intently works on the reviews, feedback, and negative reviews to understand the customer needs and their problem to provide them a personalized experience with the purchase.

Why TechVint?

Experienced professionals

TechVint has the best SEO professional who has 6+ years of experience to deliver the best Local SEO results to our clients. We've been working with numerous Local SEO campaigns that have provided excellent results to various businesses.

Huge customer satisfaction

We have a track record of delivering the best result to our customers that makes our customer happy. We feel proud when our customers come back to us for our exceptional work.

Improved sales & ROI

Our result-oriented Local SEO strategy ensures the recognition online that encourages visitors to the website. It enhances the chance of getting more sales that boosts ROI.

Regular report tracking

We are particular in monitoring the report over a specific period. It helps us evaluate our success over time and encourages us to prepare our roadmap for upcoming improvements.


Increase in online transactions


Revenue increase


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic

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