6 Effective Ways To Increase Organic Website Traffic For Free in 2023

If you are reading this, your website probably offers products, services, or content in some form. So increase website traffic should be your main aim. Whether it will be for monetary or non-monetary value, you want people to discover your site on the web. Yes, using advertisement tools could get the desired traffic, but that isn’t always true. However, generating organic traffic is not easy. In this blog, we’ll cast some light upon the basics that would demand some effort, time, and patience but all worth it! Organic strategies will not only save you money but will also improve the user experience.

1. Optimisation of website

A website is a place where users get to interact with what you’re offering, whether it be a product, service, or content. Therefore, the users should have a good experience while navigating through your site. For the search engines to be sure of that, the site needs to be optimized accordingly. The internal linking structure between the pages should be proper. The meta tags — title and description should be well defined being relevant to the content. Is the alt-text defined for your images? If not, work on it. Working on the aspects of On-Page SEO will yield better results.

website optimization
Website Optimization

2. Keyword analysis to get huge traffic

Suppose you are dealing in footwear products and are competing with several other similar e-commerce sites. In a scenario of high competition, it would be tough to rank on the first page. However, with keyword research, you can list the traffic keywords that are relevant to your content. Analyzing and implementing the obtained result could see an improvement in your site’s ranking. We are not suggesting keyword stuffing but doing what is meaningful to the user. Even if keyword stuffing does get you traffic, it will provide you zero value.

keyword analysis
Keyword Analysis

3. Competitive analysis for wide ideas

Your competitor performing better even after having a fast-loading website with a good interface? Then maybe it’s time to introspect and modify your current strategies. Make a list of the top better-performing websites competing with you and determine the different aspects. What kind of keywords are they targeting? Do they offer a service that you don’t? Are your customers satisfied with your customer support? These are few areas you can tap into and think about reasonable changes. If nothing is working right, there’s no harm in experimenting with a different online strategy.

Competetive analysis
Competetive Analysis

4. Update your rusty content to invite more traffic

Have content on your website that was published years ago? The content needs to be up to date with the relevant and latest information on the topic. For example, a blog on ‘Best ways to increase website traffic’ written a decade ago won’t be of any value to a user reading it in 2021. The strategies that could have worked a decade ago are good as dead now as SEO has evolved with updates to it about which the reader is well aware. The search engine algorithm is well programmed to understand fresh and relevant content for the user’s query.

Update old content
Update Old Content

5. Republish in various content types to be on trends

Mostly all websites like e-commerce sites have a designated page for blogs and articles. Having such pages provides information regarding a particular product, service, or any topic. If the reader finds it of value, they will keep coming back to it. But not everyone likes to read through an article wording more than a thousand words and instead prefers to have it simplified through visual or audible means. And you need not even think of something unique as you already have the content ready. All you have to do is, make it presentable. The creation of videos, podcasts, and infographics will provide profiting results resulting in traffic to the site.

Republish content
Republish Content

6. Presence on social media platforms & forums to reach the target audience

The ever-increasing base of users on social media platforms makes it a cultivating marketplace to reach your prospective customers. But we won’t be talking about the targeted advertisements. Facebook has the most user presence wherein one can join groups related to their interests. Similarly, platforms like Instagram, Linked In, Twitter helps in direct user engagement. By spamming the community groups with multiple post shares won’t bring much to the table. Instead, getting involved and interacting with the community will attract their attention towards the brand you are trying to promote. The audience can pose questions and get answers invoking discussions through platforms like Reddit and Quora. It would help in attracting attention to your brand.

Social media presence
Social Media Presence


Working on these six ways should help to increase your website traffic for free. Nothing is a guarantee as there are so many factors driving traffic to a website and ranking it. But if the basics are polished and looked after, the search engine will understand it. As the general advice goes, focus on offering value to your target user, and the website will be valued too!

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