How To Optimize For Google My Business And Its Importance For Small Businesses

Are you already a business owner or planning to start your business?

Do you also wish to bring your business online and create a space on the internet where people can know about your brand?

Absolutely Yes, Today if we ask anyone they would be willing to have the same in this 21st Century. Having a business online creates a lot of differences altogether.

Today, we will discuss all aspects of Google My Business and how can we optimize Google My Business to grow a business online.

Google My Business is free to use online tool which helps to bring our business online and manage daily activity through it. We can use it for sharing information about our products or services, our business model, company details, and many more. We should submit our business address, later on, which will be verified by Google. Then after the business account will become live for all target audience access. This has become an important aspect of digital marketing, and when done correctly, it can produce fantastic results.

TechVint GoogleMyBusiness
Google My Business Profile

This above picture demonstaright the Google My Business profile of TechVint. You can also do the same for your business.

How To Create a Google My Business Page

If you don’t have a Google My Business profile, then don’t worry. Rush into the article to know the importance of GMB and how to optimize for it.

Let’s discuss how can we optimize a Google My Business page to get the maximum return from the tool. Here are few crucial points to make a note of to optimize the GoogleMyBusiness page. If we set it up correctly, then not only the business get listed but also we could generate a good amount of business ratings and reviews. This will later increase our ranking and visibility in search results.

Creating the business profile

First of all, we need to create our profile over GMB through and sign in with the regular Google/Gmail account you use for your business. We should avoid using personal Gmail Ids and prefer a business mail id to ensure genuine details and approval of accounts in the long run.

Click here:

Create Your Profile
Select Your Business Category
Put Your Business Location
Fill Your Business Details

Put accurate business details in all parameters asked by Google My Business

Once an account has been created we need to then fill in all the required details requested by GMP such as Business Name, Address, Contact Details, Website, Working Hours, etc and ensure these are true to knowledge because Google evaluates all these before deciding our ranking and search results.

Fill Your Details

Give a genuine and traceable contact information

Make sure to have a unique brand name or business name to avoid duplication online and having good search results and business names should be identical to the one used physically such as signboards. Our business name and address exactly match your other listings across the web to ensure credibility in eyes of Google.

Select primary and secondary categories

We have an option to select primary and secondary categories which need to be selected carefully.  Those are some of the parameters based upon which Google identifies the keywords and helps the business to rank better.

Mark off applicable attributes

We have an option to add applicable attributes which are relevant to our business such as Dine-In, Takeaway, Service center, etc. This gives an accurate business detail to our audience to get an idea about our business better.

Write a complete business description

This is the most vital section to be filled after basic business details because Google crawls this information and then as we are ranked in SEO.  They implement a similar algorithm to rank the GMB accounts in search results and maps for any relevant keywords search.

Publish Google posts weekly

We need to keep our GMB accounts active by ensuring daily activity from the business side such as publishing posts, giving updates, sharing reviews, etc. This will guarantee that our business is operational, as well as notify Google that we are open for business.

GMB Posts

Upload new photos weekly

Uploading photos on a regular basis builds trust and enhances awareness of your company, products, and services. It creates a dynamic atmosphere in which people can make informed decisions on what they are purchasing.

Answer questions

We need to showcase a couple of relevant queries that are asked by people in GMB and answered them properly with proper keywords. If this process will be done in a correct way then Google may consider the business as a trusted one. A proper GMB optimization may help you appear in Google suggestion.

Collect and respond to reviews

We should request the clients/customers to provide honest reviews and suggestions regarding the product and services they have opted for. Also, the business ensures to get it addressed within one business day. This practice helps Google traces the business. This eventually adds great value to search rankings. A good rating by the client creates a lot more impact on the audience who are willing to buy your product or services. This ultimately intensifies the business sales.

Respond To Reviews

Apart from all these, we need to ensure that all our business details are in place and updated on Google My Business profile. So that whenever people visit the GMB page they will get the latest info and have proper knowledge about products or services.

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A well-optimized GMB account is always recommended for any kind of business whether it is local or covering a larger area.

In the coming years, the competition would be really high. Everybody is in a race to list their business on top of search engines.

So if you have owned a business locally and not yet set up the Google My Business Account, then set it up today.

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