How Social Media Lift Sales For Your FMCG/Fashion Accessories Brands?

How social media lift sales?

If you are running a business on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)/fashion accessories but have not used social media as a market platform, then you have lost numerous potential consumers.

In this era of digital technology dominating the world, the way of buying the products changed from physically visiting a store to buy the products online under minutes. 

Our business should be present where our customers are really active. On simple thought, it is clear that most of the people who stick to their phones all day long are engaged in social media. So social selling is indeed the top-notch online marketing strategy for quick sales.


– Sandi Krakowski

What is social selling and how does it work?

It is an internet marketing strategy to sell products or services on social media platforms where you get an opportunity to reach your audience & engage with them which eliminates one of the traditional marketing techniques, cold calling. This strategy makes a long relationship with the customers as the audience interacts with the business based on their interest and has a high probability of sales closures.

FMCG and fashion accessories get higher chances of sales closing as FMCG goods are highly consumed and fashion accessories are attracted products have higher buyer intent and a huge following base.

Hashtags in social media

Usage of hashtags impacts the maximum reach which is a way of promotion in social media. Many brands are utilizing the advantage of hashtags these days by running campaigns using hashtags. Hashtags have its boundless impression on twitter and Instagram

How do hashtags work?

Always try to create content using the hashtag as a prefix for the main focused keyword for your company’s social media posts. The main focused keyword could be a topic, product, or service that you provide. Let that keyword be x. So, whenever a user searches for the x on any social media, then your post appears.

Below are the best recommended social media marketing platforms for your FMCG/fashion accessories business


⚫. Instagram

⚫. Twitter

⚫. Pinterest

Know, why should you consider the following social media platforms to market your FMCG / fashion accessories business?

  1. Facebook as a marketing platform: Facebook has become the most prominent social networking platform for advertising as per the latest news. More than 90% of Facebook generates revenue in the form of advertising from mobile devices too. So, it’s no wonder that 66 percent of users on Facebook like & follow their desired brands.
  2. Instagram as a marketing platform: Instagram has higher users than any other social networking site. Recently, Instagram reels have been introduced to capture your own short videos. It is a substitute for Tik Tok, as Tik Tok is banned in India. Live streaming or going live can create more user interaction between the customer and the company and help share thoughts about your products. Over 90% of Instagram users follow a brand with higher user engagement.
  3. Twitter as a marketing platform: Twitter is also a top-performing social media platform but has a slightly lower number of users when compared to other social networking sites. About 80% of users on twitter are more likely to use it for trending news (what’s new) & recent updates. However, it is used to share thoughts on trending topics via tweets and retweets. 
  4. Pinterest as a marketing platform: We all know with Pinterest one can create & check for the pins on various interests such as fashion, food, technology, marketing, writing, and the list goes on. But many of us cannot expect it as a social marketing platform. It has been found from a recent study that most of the purchases happen on the content viewed by the audience on 83 percent of the brand’s weekly pins.

84% of consumers generally buy from a brand they follow on social media. So, make sure that you build great brand awareness of yours on social media to reach your sales target. Always try for video posts as they have about 50% higher engagement than the image posts. Try reposting your customers’ videos or images with your products, too. As a result, images, videos can help to build credibility for your products.

So, reduce the wastage of money and increase the flow of sales using the above social media platforms. Implement these online marketing strategies to transform your business into a brand.

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