SEO and UX: How They Work For a Fast-Growing Website

SEO and UX: The Unavoidable Truth

SEO and UX have been remaining important for any website. To promote their business goals, everybody needs an attractive website. You need a well-performing website with effective SEO activities and user experience (UX) to achieve the target.


— Frank Chimero, Designer

Before digging into the article, let us have a look at the key points:

⚫ What is SEO

⚫ What is UX

⚫ What if we have a poor UX website with notable SEO

⚫ What if we have a website out of SEO but with an outstanding UX

⚫ What if SEO and UX go together?

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1. What is SEO?

In a layman term, SEO is an organized process of getting huge traffic or audience to the website from search engines. SEO helps a website to get more relevant traffic from various sources that can help the business to grab more sales.

2. What is UX?

User experience is described as ‘How interactive the website, application or product is for a user’ or can also be interpreted as “What is the user’s experience while using the website, application or product?” User Experience is a process of expansion of the website to provide a smooth and user-friendly experience to the users.

Whatever may be the search engines algorithm, SEO experts always focus on an optimized website to rank top in SERP’s. Whereas UX designers work for a website to make it an optimized one from the user perspective.

3. What if we have a poor UX website with notable SEO?

If you have an optimized search engine website, ranked top for the right collection of audiences for many specific keywords, and have ample website traffic coming to your website, but the organic traffic is unable to deliver the results. What’s the problem here, then? Do you ever think of this kind of performance? You might have observed there is an increase in bounce rate (I.E., the person will be leaving the website immediately after some time) including no conversion and no inquiries. These are a few consequences of not having an amazing user experience for the website. Now all your SEO efforts are pointless. A better UX makes the new user as returning user that improves the bounce rate, and the time duration of the user spending on the website.

4. What if we have a website out of SEO but with an outstanding UX?

If you have a responsive website then, it inspires users to interact with the content and also helps to improve customer loyalty with its interface and design. But, if you have not done any SEO practices for your website that could reach your target audience, then the investment for better UX is a waste of all your efforts, time, and money. It is because you have a well UX designed website for the users visiting your website. If you don’t have that quality and quantity traffic coming to the website, then there is no use of investing in UX design.

Now, let’s know if a website has both SEO and UX.

5. What if SEO and UX go together?

SEO and UX, which one to prefer could be our generic question. Before questioning yourself try to answer “Would you prefer top-ranking positions in search engines or attracting and converting your targeted audience?” Well, it is obvious to choose both. It is because you need to do SEO for reaching the targeted audience. Once you got the expected traffic, you would like to convert that traffic into customers, for that you should possess an interactive UX design for your website from a user perspective.

SEO and UX are just like two sides of a coin in which their functionalities will not coincide with each other but when SEO and UX go together, and then the flourishing success follows to your website. As a result, the website will have the consolidated outcome of both SEO and UX.

Benefits of a website which has UX and SEO:

⚫ Earns quality and quantity website traffic

⚫ Increasing in returning users

⚫ Improves bounce rate

⚫ Enhances site speed

⚫ Develops customer loyalty

⚫ Higher conversion and closure rates

⚫ Sustain in online market for a longer period

⚫ Help to be ahead of your competitors

The above-listed benefits are the major ones; there are still many more advantages if a website is well optimized for both search engines and users. It is significant to have a website with better UX and best SEO practices. If your website achieves all the above major benefits, then you may think it’s done and need not work anymore.

This kind of thought is absolutely a blunder because the search engine algorithm changes frequently and it impacts the ranking positions. So, there is always a need of maintaining the consistency of the top-ranking positions in SERP and have a track of your ranking positions for now and then. There is also a need to update the website with the competing and advancements in technology. We should not forget that our opponent constantly keeps an eye on our website and its performance and aims to perform better than others. So try to keep the UX website updated and managed so that the audience could get the awesome result.

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